Thursday, September 9, 2010

SEO Google Instant and Analytics

Today United States webmasters and SEO & AdWords people will be using Google analytics like hell, studying how Google Instant is affecting their impressions, search terms and PPC's. Those who deal with AdWords and AdSense will have a long day... I'm glad I live in a country where it's not yet introduced since I can study the affects (hopefully for long) before Google instant gets here. My first impression is that this will help SEO people so much... You test with few letters and Google is actually giving you a perfect list of words and sentences that you should use in SEO. You drop those words into text and you'll be up in the organic search result from the start of typing. You're only dropped of if they were really not looking for you... But your customer got some visibility for their brand again. You can start advertising media visibility for your customers in a great new way, but since you eventually want to be on the list when consumer is happy with his/her search terms, you study the sentences what google is suggesting and you use those as whole. Too easy, it's a polished way up in organic results. This will bring up so much new people into the SEO marketing, especially young people who are ready to use hours of studying suggested words and sentences. There will be a book or two with a topic "Google's words and sentences" soon. And ranks get a whole new value... Rank 5-10 is nothing now. Used to be 10-15%, drops down to 0% if Google Instant is really showing only 3-4 search results all the time.

In bidding at AdWords things get difficult for a while. Google's suggested words will have a great price against those words you never see while typing. Customers are not ready to pay for pure visibility any more, amount of impressions gets too high and ROI drops radically. They want clicks now. Best copywriters who get familiar with Google's suggestion engine will have a lot of work - you better hire them soon before others do.

I'm so interested about this huge search change that starts today. For simple people the Instant service will be a nagetive experience - flashing topics and descriptions and Ads while they are simply trying to find the keys from their keyboard. Most of them will turn it off, but I've already heard that it doesn't affect on Googles suggestions! For those who are familiar with Google search this will be an adventure. They are seeing so much interesting bullshit that they might click themselves anywhere - they were looking for a hotel but they forgot the whole idea of nice weekend when they saw this great link to hot models page. For professionals this will be noncence first, they are so used to write their own search terms that they don't matter what Google is suggesting for them. They are the men who travel their own paths. So who will benefit this? Google, SEO-people and companies using money for PPC + organic SEO. Consumers? No, they think they do but actually they have a collar on them and market holds the leash. It's been that way already but this big pulls (of leash) are not made often. Keep on promising them faster and better search results, they'll buy it.

(If they don't, Bing will be very very happy...)


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