Screen is an important part of Home theater system. There are huge differences in power consumption between unique models. These are my recommendations, but please note that I found only 100 results to compare (all together, not by category). Just for fun I added the worst unique model to the end of the list, please leave that one out of my recommendated models. Manufacturer of the worst did manage to get listed in other categories too, so this is not a complain.

Hints for energy efficient HDTV use are in the end of this page, good reading for green use no matter which HDTV model you own / plan to own.

List updated 10.9.2010. Next update not scheduled.

Energy efficient HDTV models

32" type inch Default settings (W) Calibrated setting (W)
Westinghouse SK-32H640G LCD 32 89 47
Sharp LC-32D47UT LCD 32 72 48
Samsung LN32B360 LCD 32 75 48
42" type inch Default settings (W) Calibrated setting (W)
LG 42LH55
LCD 42 138 93
LG 42LH30
LCD 42 127 94
Philips 42PFL5603D
LCD 42 137 183 !!!
46"- type inch Default settings (W) Calibrated setting (W)
Sharp LC-46LE700UN
LED 46 102 64
Sony KDL-46EX700
LED 46 87 65
LG 47LE8500
LED 47 90 71
50" type inch Default settings (W) Calibrated setting (W)
Hitachi P50H401
PLASMA 50 336 217
Panasonic TC-P50X1
PLASMA 50 218 256
Panasonic TH-50PZ850U PLASMA 50 164 284 !!!
52" type inch Default settings (W) Calibrated setting (W)
Sony KDL-52NX800
LED 52 123 95
Sharp LC-52D65U
LCD 52 210 122
Samsung LN52B750
LCD 52 191 129
55" type inch Default settings (W) Calibrated setting (W)
Vizio VF551XVT
LED 55 162 100
Vizio VF552XVT
LED 55 191 104
Samsung UN55C8000
LED 55 129 112
58"- type inch Default settings (W) Calibrated setting (W)
Samsung HL61A750
RPTV 61 171 83
Mitsubishi WD-65737
RPTV 65 208 208
Panasonic TH-58PZ750U
PLASMA 58 563 !!! 489 !!!


  • Screen consumes 40%-90% of the total systems power (size and model dependent,  average HTPC, AV receiver with surround speakers and HDTV powered on at the same time)
  • Calibration of HDTV colors, brightness and contrast is very important for both picture quality and power consumption.
  • Watching in a darker surrounding ables to reduce the power of the back light of the screen.
  • RPTV is abut the same or little better than LED, which is better then LCD, which is better than PLASMA (considering only power consumption) 


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